Rick Eades (eadesmust) wrote,
Rick Eades


This week sees the launch of the new comic magazine ink+PAPER, edited by the super David O'Connell and featuring lots of UK comic talented types, including Joe Decie, Lizz Lunney, Hugh "Shug" Raine, Timothy Winchester and loads more. I'm happy to say that I've also got a strip in the mag and here's a sneaky peek at 'Bob and the Lighthouse':

Head on over the the ink+PAPER website and check out some of the wonderful work in the magazine and maybe buy a copy.

I'll do a more in-depth post about my strip, once the mags out there and I've seen a copy.

Oh and for no reason whatsoever, here's a few doodles I did of Straw Barry, who appeared briefly before in my guest strip for Carrotty Kid, by the Dandy's very own Andy Fanton.

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