Rick Eades (eadesmust) wrote,
Rick Eades

Hello it's been a while, so here's some biscuits!

Hey, it's been like....... ages. I've been mega busy with life and stuff, but not too busy to put up a couple of comics up on ye olde Klank! website and to start work on another little project I've had in mind for a while.......allow me to introduce the Finger Biscuits.

Here's the family.

And here's the first strip to feature these chaps, I hope they'll become your biscuity chums?

If I told you that the whole idea for these guys came from a conversation I had with my kids about Power Rangers, you'd think I was mad but it's true I tell you - TRUE.

Leave a comment below if you are so inclined, the biscuits would find this pleasing.

Oh and follow me on twitter, I'm @rickeadescomics

Tags: comics, finger biscuits
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